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About - Michael Owen Photography


Having been an artist all my life, I started photography in 1998 after I bought a Sony Mavica digital camera that used 3 1/2 inch floppy disks. I graduated to a Canon 10D a couple of years later and am shooting with a Canon 50D now. I have done weddings and corporate events in the past but now I concentrate on fine art, landscape and pinup photography.

Every September you’ll find me at Wasteland Weekend, “An Apocalyptic Party in the Desert”. Every night, you’ll find me hanging out around the BattleCage, The Pit or in the ThunderDome. During the day you’ll find me driving around the Wasteland shooting photos of my friends. If you’re into Mad Max or Fallout, you’ll love Wasteland Weekend. It’s located in the desert just east of California City, CA.

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